Land Restoration

Restorative agriculture from the soil up.

We’re learning from thousands of years of singular land misuse and taking a conservation-first approach to what we grow and share. We’re starting with soil nutrition and building a farming ecosystem intended to provide for the future. 

Our Philosophy
  • Soil: Rebuilding the riverbank and adding depleted and diversified nutrients back into the soil.
  • Seed: Sowing seeds that contribute to the fertility and beauty of the native land. 
  • Structure: Building systems that can be replicated at scale on the farm and locally at the homes of our community. 
  • Sustain/Self-sufficiency: Maintaining and sharing regenerative resources within our communities for generations to come.
Our nonprofit organization, Pudding River Oak Savanna Partnership in Restoration (PROSPR), works with local and nationwide agencies to restore our riverbanks and return the hayfields back into a thriving wildlife habitat. Contact us to learn more, donate, or partner with us on our restorative agriculture journey.
Support our first restorative agriculture project and Adopt a Peony through our Legacy Planting Program.